Are you having issues with animals on your property? Chances are, your garbage is the main attraction. Securely storing your trash in an animal proof container will detour animals from visiting your property, and save you from picking up the garbage strewn across your lawn every morning.

TuffBoxx is the perfect outdoor storage solution. But with a name like TuffBoxx, you may be asking how tough is it? Our answer…it’s “Tuffer” than you think!

First, we tested our TuffBoxx for certification with Grizzly Bears. That went so well we decided to take it one step further!

We brought the TuffBoxx Bruin to the Polar Bear Habitat in Cochrane, Ontario to see how it would hold up to one of Canada’s strongest predators. Ganuk, a 6-year-old male Polar Bear who weighs approximately 1000 lbs, was more than happy to test the strength of our product.  We figured if it held up with him…it could hold up to almost anything!

Our TuffBox was loaded with Ganuk’s favorite things to eat enticing him to test our protective measures. Once he was released into the area with the TuffBoxx, it was clear he was interested in giving us a hand. After about 20 minutes of trying unsuccessfully to break his way in, Ganuk lost interest in the TuffBoxx. We decided to up the ante by letting 3-year-old Polar Bear Henry try as well…unsuccessfully we might add!

TuffBoxx products are proven to stand up to some of nature’s fiercest and most muscular wildlife. After our day at the Polar Bear Habitat, our Bruin Boxx had a few very small scratches. Not bad considering it withstood rigorous “testing” from not one, but two Polar Bears.

Both in our trial and in the wild, once animals discover they can’t get in to the TuffBoxx, they lose interest and leave it alone, keeping your personal belongings and garbage bags safe!

If it can keep out Ganuk and Henry…neighbourhood racoons, squirrels, foxes and other critters don’t stand a chance.

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