The Ontario Government has created stronger regulations to improve accessibility and inclusivity for all – starting with the creation of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) in 2005. The plan should be fully rolled out by 2021 with new laws in effect in 2025, meaning businesses and organizations of all types are required to ensure easy access to their facilities, information, and services for everyone.

People without disabilities don’t often consider accessibility issues that can make accessing services more challenging or in some cases, impossible. According to the Royal Bank of Canada, people with disabilities have an estimated spending power of about $25 billion annually across Canada. Improving accessibility can create up to $9.6 billion in new retail spending, and $1.6 billion in new tourism spending in Ontario over five years. It is estimated that by 2035, 40% of Ontario’s customer base will be people with disabilities – making accessibility something we need to take seriously now.

Areas Where Accessibility Needs to be Considered

There isn’t a place where accessibility shouldn’t be considered. Anywhere open to the public should be accessible to everyone. Here are a few places to start:

  • Walkways/paths
  • Signs (braille)
  • Ramps onto playgrounds
  • Accessible tables, benches
  • Multi-sensory devices
  • Accessible play equipment (swings)

The Picnic by TuffBoxx

Our Picnic TuffBoxx is an animal resistant waste receptacle, designed with accessibility in mind. The “mailbox” style chute is positioned within easy reach and has a finger release animal resistant latch and pull down action.

Perfect for garbage, recycling, organics or even pet waste, the 10” by 6” chute allows for only small trash – which helps stop people from dumping their full waste bags from home. TuffBoxx can provide labelling as needed to organize the stream of waste to be put in each bin.

Strong enough to keep out the big prey (like Black Bears and Grizzly Bears up to 600lbs!), the TuffBoxx Picnic easily out muscles and outsmarts the local critters like raccoons, and pesky squirrels and rats. For Safe and Easy to Use Innovative Design and the Absolute Best Protection, the TuffBoxx Picnic is an inclusive and accessible solution for your public spaces.

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