The TuffBoxx Commercial Series is the most secure way to keep local wildlife away from your establishment and out of your garbage. Our Camper and Brute models were designed with public spaces in mind – with front opening doors for easy access, and animal resistant lids with chutes for public use.

Risks of Not Storing/Removing Waste Properly

Not recycling properly can cost your regional recycling program millions of dollars a year.

“Many cities are struggling to clean up their recycling and lower their contamination rates, but the potential solutions also have high costs and trade-offs,” explains a recent CBC News article.

We believe the TuffBoxx is an excellent alternative for waste management in public spaces with mild costs involved – and is certainly less costly than many alternatives. In areas where garbage retrieval isn’t as frequent, this style of waste management is ideal because it keeps the trash and recycling discrete, protected, and out of the way of the public and wildlife. Because the TuffBoxx is secure and locked, it prevents lingering smells which jeopardize the enjoyment and safety of the community.

It’s not only about what is best for humans, but also what is best for local wildlife. Proper waste disposal and storage eliminates the amount of territory conflicts due to the luring of food remains. Parks, sporting fields, and all community spaces attract a large amount of human and animal visitors. Destruction of the green space is a common repercussion when there is high foot traffic for events, and damage proof waste storage is extremely helpful in preserving the natural order of the land.

Perfect as Storage Solutions

Our TuffBoxx Recreational Line of animal resistant storage solutions are top lid loaded bins with a wide array of uses. From green spaces and parks to community centres and sports fields they are ideal for storing coolers, sports equipment and anything appealing to wildlife. This will limit the amount of inter-species contact and prevent many unsafe environmental impacts.

The Recreational Line is perfect for events like music festivals that often reside in nature, on the outskirts of towns and cities. By providing storage options for these events, municipalities and property managers could choose to charge user fees or rental charges through the event planner, to help recoup the cost of the TuffBoxx – a win/win for everyone.

Both the Commercial and Recreational TuffBoxx lines are great additions to your public spaces. For our full line of animal resistant storage and waste solutions, check out our online shop or give us a call at 1-844-426-5553 for more information.