Everyone deserves access to an accessible secure waste receptacle. We are proud to be able to offer TuffBoxx models that are designed to be Accessibility Compliant. Our PICNIC and CAMPER models are designed with a mailbox style chute, making it easy for anyone to operate. With a simple finger release latch, the chute door can be opened, and it closes and locks itself upon release.

As a bonus to following the Accessibility Compliance, the chutes sizing will deter people from disposing of their household trash to as it only allows for small trash.

Mailbox chute on our TuffBoxx Camper and Picnic models are accessebility Compliant.

A Leader in Innovation

At TuffBoxx, we are always working hard to improve our designs and strive to be a leader in innovation. Our mailbox style chutes are easier to use, being within spec for those who have accessibility requirements. Animal resistant receptacles that are accessibility compliant are very limited. TuffBoxx has made this possible with our CAMPER and PICNIC models. 

Typically there is a conflict between keeping bears and other wildlife out of the garbage while making it accessible. With the mailbox style chutes, it is easy for anyone to push the one finger release and pull it open. Nevertheless, wildlife will have a hard time pushing the release while simultaneously opening the chute door. Even if a strong, clever bear found a way, the chute size would still prevent it from even gaining access.

With many years of experience working with most bears and other wildlife, we can help keep your garbage inside your TuffBoxx.