TuffBoxx Bear Guards makes your waste bin completely bear proof. Watch it in action.


Bear Guard – Full Sides

Bolt on brackets that keep the TuffBoxx lid from being grabbed from any spot where a large bear could have leverage on the lid. These brackets are what make a TuffBoxx certified as Grizzly Bear Resistant, and were used when tested with Polar Bears. Should be used to get best results with larger black bears, grizzly or kodiak bears, and polar bears. Charcoal colour only.


Hinge Flag Assembly

Use this on your TuffBoxx to notify waste collector that there is garbage and/or recycling items in your bin for pick-up.  The hinge is all stainless steel, and can be mounted anywhere on the bin to give your collector the best vantage point to see.  It is mounted with a very durable adhesive tape on the bottom section of hinge.  The top hinge flips open to reveal “Garbage” in yellow or red background, or “Recycling” on blue background.  The hinge stays open with magnetic strips.  Flip down when there is no garbage or recycling in the bin.  Choose Red or Yellow for the garbage flag based on any local requirements.  Also, choose the flag colour based on the best contrast between the colour of your TuffBoxx ( a Red flag on a beige bin, etc.).


Snap Hook Assembly

This snap hook is to clip through the lock catch when the lid is closed to prevent the lids from being opened. The cable is to secure the snap hook to the bin so it doesn’t get lost. The snap hook should be used in bear country to securely keep the lid closed, yet is easily accessible for the waste collector to open up to remove waste from your TuffBoxx.  You should choose the Snap Hook when you need to keep the lid securely closed, while still allowing easy access for waste collection staff when you have curbside pickup.  The Snap Hook is not required if your TuffBoxx is only being used for smaller critters like raccoons, squirrels, mice and rats, etc., or if you are using your own padlock for secure storage.