The Bright Revolution in LED Lighting

We at TuffBoxx are proud to announce the implementation of our cutting-edge smart LED lighting system throughout our facility. In an era where smart technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it’s no surprise that even lighting has evolved to become smarter and more versatile. This transformative upgrade not only enhances the overall aesthetics of our premises but also signifies our commitment to environmental sustainability and cost efficiency.

There are numerous benefits of our new LED lighting system and its positive impact on our organization.

Our decision to transition to LED lighting is in line with our company’s broader sustainability goals. By reducing our energy consumption, we are not only saving money but also minimizing our environmental impact. LED lights are mercury-free and have a lower CO2 footprint compared to traditional lighting options, making them an eco-conscious choice.

The Bright Future of LED Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Unlike traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, LED technology is more energy-efficient, durable, and versatile. Here are some of the key advantages our new LED lighting system brings to our facility:

1. Energy Efficiency: LED lighting consumes significantly less energy than conventional lighting technologies. This means a reduction in our energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainability just got brighter.

2. Longevity: LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs. This translates into reduced maintenance costs as we won’t need to replace bulbs as frequently. It also means less disruption to our daily operations.

3. Improved Quality of Light: LED lighting provides consistent and high-quality illumination. This enhances visibility and safety throughout our facility, ensuring a more productive and comfortable environment for employees and visitors. Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights turn on instantly to full brightness without flickering or warm-up time. This immediate illumination is particularly beneficial in critical areas where instant visibility is essential.

4. Customizable Lighting: Our new LED system offers a range of color temperatures and dimming options, allowing us to tailor the lighting to suit various tasks and spaces within our facility. From vibrant, well-lit work areas to softer, mood-enhancing lighting in common spaces, we can adapt to our specific needs.

5. Motion Sensors: Our new LED system is equipped with motion sensors which activates only when motion is detected, helping to conserve energy by turning off when no one is present. This can lead to significant energy savings over time.

The wellbeing of our employees is paramount to us. The improved quality of LED lighting can positively affect mood and productivity. Adequate and efficient lighting can reduce eye strain and fatigue, making it easier for our team to perform at their best.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

With this huge improvement in our facility, TuffBoxx is making strides when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, and this is just the beginning. Here’s how were making a positive impact on our environment:

1. Energy Reduction: By replacing our lighting with smart LED lights, we are cutting back our energy consumption by 76% in one single year.

2. Carbon Footprint: By reducing our energy consumption, we are effectively saving 6,891kg of CO2 and 230g of N2O in one year.

In layman’s terms, what we are saving in carbon footprint is equivalent to…

…Removing 17 cars from the road

…Saving 23,659L of gasoline…

That’s not a small feat! Our new LED lighting system is more than just an upgrade; it’s a symbol of our commitment to sustainable practices, efficiency, and employee wellbeing. The benefits of this transformation are manifold, from energy savings to enhanced quality of light. As we illuminate our facility with this innovative technology, we not only improve our working environment but also set an example for others to follow in the pursuit of a brighter and more sustainable future.

TuffBoxx Lockable, Animal-Resistant Containers – Keeping Waste In and Animals Out!

Manufactured in Princeton, ON, the TuffBoxx family of lockable, animal-resistant, secure storage containers were built to keep waste in and animals out. Available in capacities to hold 4, 6 or 8 waste bags, they are ideal for curbside collection or intermediate storage of waste and recyclables in rural areas including residences, cottages, vacation homes, businesses, and more. They are constructed of galvanized steel for strength and rust resistance and finished with a textured powder coat paint for aesthetics and durability. Top load access models feature gas shocks for safe and easy lid control to avoid pinched fingers, while lockable lids ensure security in all environments. With capacities from 13 to 25 cubic feet, our TuffBoxx containers are versatile for a variety of uses beyond waste and recycling. They have been used for storing sports field equipment, dock or beach equipment, agricultural feed, equestrian tack, firewood, and more. 

Each TuffBoxx design undergoes rigorous testing, even with grizzly and polar bears. The smaller base models will keep smaller animals such as racoons, squirrels and rats out and will provide resistance to small black bears.  For Certified Bear Resistance, Bear Guard Brackets can be added.

Whether you are looking to keep animals out of your trash, a place to store your boating gear, or even a solution for all your kids outdoor toys, TuffBoxx has you covered.

For further information, visit, call (800) 387-6318, or contact us via e-mail at

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TuffBoxx Accessible Waste Solutions

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