TuffBoxx: Not Just For Garbage

While TuffBoxx excels at safeguarding your garbage from bears and wildlife, its robust construction ensures it can securely accommodate a diverse range of items. Many of our customers have utilized their TuffBoxx for the following purposes:

Municipal Parks and Sports Leagues

  • Sports field equipment storage

Camping and Picnic Areas

  • Food storage lockers

Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Secure storage for equipment and chemicals

Deck and Dock Storage

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Life jackets
  • Paddles

Agricultural and Equestrian Use

  • Storage for feed and tack

Residential Use

  • Storage for trashcans
  • Parcel deliveries

General Storage

  • Firewood and wood pellets, and much more!

TuffBoxx: Accessibility Compliant and Animal Resistant

The TuffBoxx PICNIC and CAMPER utilizes a mailbox style chute. With a one finger release, these bins are not only animal resistant, but accessibility compliant. With this one finger release latch, our TuffBoxx makes it easy for human use, difficult for wildlife.  Click here to learn more.

TuffBoxx. Mailbox chute. Accessibility Compliant.

TuffBoxx: Commercial Models

The TuffBoxx Picnic and Camper use an animal resistant one finger release, and pull down “mailbox” style chutes that are safe and easy to use, and are designed to be accessibility compliant.  The Broot is designed for larger capacities, and will hold up to 20 bags of garbage.  It is an ideal solution when front load dumpster collection is not feasible.

The TuffBoxx Commercial model’s rugged design can stand up to the largest of bears, while always confounding smaller wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, rats, and birds.  With lockable front door access, they make waste collection safe and easy.