Safe and easy to Use Innovative Design and the Absolute best protection

The PICNIC is a single stream, single door waste receptacle. Designed to be used with an inner container to hold the waste bag. The PICNIC uses a “mailbox” style chute hole that is designed to be accessibility compliant with it’s finger release animal resistant latch, and pull down action.  The 10″ wide x 6″ high chute opening allows only “small trash” to limit people from bringing their home trash to a park environment.

The PICNIC can be used for either garbage, recycling, organics, or even pet waste. We can provide labelling to identify the stream of waste that should be put into the bin.  The PICNIC is easily strong enough to keep out the smaller critters like raccoons, squirrels, and rats, and will give great results even with Black and Grizzly Bears (up to around 600 lbs.).


For larger Grizzly, Kodiak, and Polar Bears, it may be necessary to upgrade the PICNIC to heavier gauge metal. Please contact us to discuss how to design your TuffBoxx to your specific needs. We have many years of experience working with all species of bears, and can help you get the results you require to keep your properties safe and secure in all situations.

The PICNIC is available in 5 colour schemes: Moss Green/Graphite Grey, Brown/Graphite Grey, Blue/Graphite Grey, Beige/Graphite Grey and Graphite Grey. Custom colours are available, ask for details. The PICNIC must be securely mounted to a concrete pad or other solid base with the mounting system that is built into the bottom of the bin’s base.


At TuffBoxx, we are always working hard to improve our designs and strive to be a leader in innovation. This is the next generation TuffBoxx Picnic with a new accessibility compliant “mailbox” style chute system.  The new chutes are much easier and safer to use, being within spec for those who have accessibility requirements.  There are very limited choices available for any animal resistant waste receptacles that will be accessibility compliant, but we have done this with the new TuffBoxx Camper and Picnic receptacles.  Typically there is a conflict between keeping bears and other wildlife out of the garbage while making it easy and safe for people to use.  With the pull down “mailbox” style chutes, it is really easy for anyone to push the one finger release and pull the chute open to put waste inside.  However with bears and other wildlife will find it virtually impossible to push the release while opening the chute door at the same time.  And if by chance a strong, clever bear found a way to do that, the chute size would still prevent the bear from even being able to access the garbage anyways.