TuffBoxx offers a family of secure storage bins perfect for storing anything from waste to various items. Manufactured in Princeton, ON, TuffBoxx’s animal-resistant secure storage containers will keep animals out and waste or belongings inside. TuffBoxx is available in capacities capable of holding 4, 6 or 8 waste bags. It’s large capacity makes them ideal for curbside collection or intermediate storage of waste and recyclables in rural areas (residences, cottages, vacation homes, businesses, and more).

TuffBoxx Construction

Rust Resistant Galvanized Steel

The galvanized steel construction gives the TuffBoxx a sturdy foundation and strength against wildlife trying to enter the bin.

Gas Shocks

TuffBoxx’s top load models include gas shocks for safe easy lid control.

Reinforced Diagonal Bracket

The reinforced diagonal brackets provided added strength to our lids, making wildlife think twice before they attempt to bend the lid!

Reinforced Corner Brackets

Reinforced corner brackets prevent wildlife from being able to grab the lid.

Premium Textured Powder Paint

The premium texture powder paint is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will also withstand the test of time.

With capacities from 13 to 25 cubic feet, our TuffBoxx containers are versatile for a variety of uses beyond waste and recycling. TuffBoxx’s can be used for storing sports field equipment, dock or beach equipment, agricultural feed, equestrian tack, firewood, and much more.

What Makes a TuffBoxx Animal-Resistant?

Each TuffBoxx design undergoes rigorous testing, even with grizzly and polar bears. The smaller base models will keep smaller animals such as racoons, squirrels and rats out and will provide resistance to small black bears.  For Certified Bear Resistance, Bear Guard Brackets can be added. Check out our YouTube playlist of TuffBoxx vs. Wildlife and see how TuffBoxx always comes out on top.

Whether you are looking to keep animals out of your trash, a place to store your boating gear, or even a solution for all your kids outdoor toys, TuffBoxx has you covered.

For further information, visit www.tuffboxx.com, call (800) 387-6318, or contact us via e-mail at orders@tierceltechnology.com