Bear-Proofing Your Home: A Guide to Bear-Resistance

Bears are magnificent creatures, but when they wander into human habitats, conflicts can arise. To protect both bears and people, it’s essential to bear-proof homes and properties. Before delving into bear-resistant solutions, it’s crucial to understand bear behavior. Bears have an exceptional sense of smell, making food sources a significant attraction. They’re also curious and intelligent, capable of testing various objects for access to food.

TuffBoxx bins lined up

The Rise of Animal-Resistant Secure Storage

Whether you reside in an urban area or the countryside, encounters with wildlife can be more common than one might think; making secure animal-storage solutions a priority for most. From mischievous raccoons to curious bears, animals can pose a significant threat to property, including outdoor storage units and vulnerable belongings. Traditional storage options may not provide adequate protection against these unexpected natural intruders, making animal-resistant secure storage a necessity for those seeking comprehensive security.

TuffBoxx: Keeping Waste In and Animals Out

TuffBoxx offers a family of secure storage bins perfect for storing anything from waste to various items. It’s large capacity makes them ideal for curbside collection or intermediate storage of waste and recyclables in rural areas (residences, cottages, vacation homes, businesses, and more).

Waste and Storage Solutions for Public Spaces

The TuffBoxx Commercial Series is the most secure way to keep local wildlife away from your establishment and out of your garbage. Our Camper and Brute models were designed with public spaces in mind – with front opening doors for easy access, and animal resistant lids with chutes for public use. Risks of Not Storing/Removing […]